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Samick Upright Piano JS-121 FD Ebony HP

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Original JS series

A respected choice among musical professionals and students,

Height: 121cm

Width: 150cm

Depth: 61cm

Weight: 221kg


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A respected choice among musical professionals and students,

today’s JS Series pianos are better than ever. JS Series are much

more than an assembly of manufactured pieces with the help

of the modern technology. Nothing can replace the subtlety,

the musical sensibility and the precision of the piano makers’ ear.

There is a kind of inside soul in JS series which reveal some secrets

behind the tones.

Height: 121cm/ Width: 150cm/ Depth: 61cm/ Weight: 221kg

Soundboard Solid Spruce with fine spruce veneer on top and back

Back Posts Basswood

Bridges plywood

Ribs Spruce

Plate Sand-cast iron plate

Action Samick Premium

Keys Basswood

Hammers FFW (German) / Special ST (JAPAN)

Strings Roslau(Germany)

Pin Block Cross-laminated American hard rock maple

Tuning Pins Nickel-plated, Cut-thread reverse torque


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